VEMO Closes a Strategic Capital Partnership of up to US$60 Million with Orion Infrastructure Capital

Partnership Orion Infrastructure Capital

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – VEMO, a Mexican cleantech company leading the transition to clean mobility in Mexico and Latin America, has announced a strategic capital partnership with Orion Infrastructure Capital (OIC). OIC joins Riverstone Holdings, as the second US fund specialized in sustainable infrastructure to invest in VEMO.

Founded in July 2021 in Mexico City, VEMO is a LATAM-focused clean mobility ecosystem play with an integrated business model that comprises vehicles, charging infrastructure, technology and a data intelligence platform for the optimal management of the entire clean mobility ecosystem. The company is focused on large transportation markets with high utilization levels where clean mobility is advantaged by its total cost of ownership (e.g., ride hailing and commercial fleets), with the added benefit of generating synergistic, high utilization demand on its charging network.

Partnership Orion Infrastructure Capital

This transaction speaks to the confidence OIC places in VEMO’s approach to accelerate clean mobility adoption in Latin America. “VEMO’s innovative model aligns with our objective to partner with groundbreaking ventures that are shaping the transition to a sustainable infrastructure future.” stated Gerrit Nicholas, CIO, Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner of OIC.

“We were particularly impressed by the track record, execution, and capabilities of VEMO’s management team and employees. We are confident VEMO possess the inventive mindset, drive, and technical capabilities required to accelerate the clean mobility transition in the region,” commented Drew Karian, Managing Director and Investment Principal at OIC.

OIC’s investment in VEMO marks a significant milestone for the company as the second US fund specialized in sustainable infrastructure to invest in VEMO, following Riverstone Holdings’ investment in 2021. With Riverstone’s position as one of the leading investors within the energy and, more specifically, decarbonization space in Mexico, OIC’s investment notably highlights the convergence of expertise and vision into the dynamic landscape of sustainable mobility.

“OIC’s investment validates VEMO’s thesis and role as a disruptive leader in the clean mobility space. We take pride in partnering with another reputable and experienced fund that aligns with our vision of a sustainable and innovative future for mobility,” commented Roberto Rocha, Co-Founder and CEO of VEMO.

Partnership Orion Infrastructure Capital

Germán Losada, Co-founder, Chairman, and COO of VEMO, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with OIC: “At a personal level, this was an exceptional opportunity to reconnect and work alongside former colleagues from Riverstone and Goldman Sachs. Bringing OIC alongside Riverstone as partners to the table will undoubtedly enrich and contribute to the success of our mission, which is to accelerate the adoption of clean mobility in Latin America through our innovative and integrated model.”

VEMO is the most active and diversified clean mobility company in LATAM. In particular, the company: (i) travelled ca. 75 million electric kms via light vehicles, trucks, and buses in LATAM (including the most experienced EV operation in LATAM, having completed more than 6 million electric and safe ride-hailing trips); (ii) established Mexico’s largest charging superhubs’ network and developed the most robust and reliable local public charging network; (iii) installed more than 55MW in chargers for corporate and residential clients across all of Mexico’s 32 states; and (iv), built the first lease-to-own EV product for independent drivers operating in ride-hailing platforms in Mexico.

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