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VEMO EV Fleets


Fleet as a Service

Comprehensive solution that includes consulting for the transition towards electric vehicles, chargers and a specialized management platform.


Charging as a Service

Tailor-made charging solution for our clients’ electric vehicle fleet, providing advice, on-site maintenance, as well as remote monitoring.


Data Intelligence

Management platform specialized in Electric Vehicles, ZEE (Zero Emissions Ecosystem). Emissions Ecosystem).

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VEMO EV Fleets

The challenge

We help companies reduce their emissions and meet their decarbonization goals in their logistics operations. Based on the current state of electric vehicle technology, we focus our efforts on these three strategic areas:

By contracting our solutions for electric fleets, you are adding to your team a group of experts and an ecosystem that includes, in addition to electric vehicles, a network of charging stations and a data system to monitor it.

We collaborate with our clients to co-create robust and functional solutions over time. We work hand in hand with the different internal teams of your company:

Last mile urban transport

Vans and light trucks, mainly for parcels. Intermediate and heavy delivery trucks for the food and beverage industry.

Regional freight transportation

Trucks that operate within a maximum radius of 200 km around a main node.

Light vehicles

Taxi fleets. Courier delivery fleet and supermarkets. Fleet for maintenance crews and commercial force. Executive vehicles as a special benefit.

The migration to electric vehicles is a today’s reality. Its effectiveness is proven by millions of kilometers driven. Join this change of constant EVolution.


Make the transition to electric fleets now