Your Entire Mobility Ecosystem In One Place

ZEE is much more than just a data source, it is a complete ecosystem that will simplify decision-making when it comes to your vehicles. Find out info such as battery health and information about your operator’s driving habits, in just one click.


Information about your vehicles, drivers and external agents, in one place


Monitor driving habits, route compliance, recharging strategies, maintenance, dispatch schedules and KPI’s


Take care of your drivers, cargo staff and users. Protect your investment, the battery health of your units and wider environment


Efficiently manage energy costs, charging times, emissions, and asset usage

ZEE Essentials

Everything you need to start

Our essential module offers complete visibility of your vehicles, from its current status (off-line, off-duty, on-duty or charging) to the battery charge level or its location on the map

All information in real time

Real Time Monitoring

Live location, operational status, disconnections and much more

Real Time Alerts

Customizable notifications about the status of your fleet

Operation statistics reports

Metrics, performance analysis and KPI tracking for assets


Interact with multiple chargers, analyze data and telemetry

Data Vault

Operation data storage that supports information about the entire electromobility ecosystem.

Real-time monitoring platform for both vehicles and chargers

Custom solutions

For those who need more…

Unlock the full potential of our platform and select the options you need to go the extra mile


Do you know how your driver’s efficiency affects overall performance of your electric fleet?


Do you know what is going with the operation of your entire fleet?


Are you maximizing the you charging infrastructure?

Battery Health

Do you know which factors could be affecting battery life?


Do you know how to increase recharge efficiency, producing less emissions?

Would you like to know what ZEE can do for your operation?

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